Corporate Culture

Enterprise mission : provide a better choice for manufacturers of advanced electrical products


Company vision : to be a provider of first-class power system solutions and related magnetic devices; a big family of united forge ahead, benefit sharing, and harmonious development

Corporate Values : brand first, innovation and change, focus and pragmatism, integrity and gratitude

Quality policy : quality first, customer first, scientific management, striving for first-class


Environmentalpolicy :

(1) Comply with relevant national and locallaws, regulations and other requirements;

(2) Create good working conditions inproduction and operation, commit to risk control, pollution prevention,accident prevention and continuous improvement;

(3) Reduce waste and actively participatein not using harmful substances;

(4) Strengthen the training of environment, health and safety, and HSF related knowledge; ensure that employees and their representatives participate in the decision-making process of the occupational health and safety management system.