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Towards a new journey R&D management information project kick-off meeting

Release time:2021-08-13

Towards a new journey

R&D management information project kick-off meeting

Thepicture shows the group photo of the main leaders of Jingquanhua and themembers of the SP Software team.

At 2:30 pm on August 3, 2021, the kick-offmeeting of Jingquanhua Group's R&D Management Informationization Project(PLM Project) was held in Longgang Multifunctional Hall. Participants in thisproject kick-off meeting were Group Chairman Zhang Dong, Group General ManagerJu, the main leaders of the Power Supply, Magnetics, and Automotive BusinessUnits, relevant heads of various departments, and project team leaders andmembers of SP Soft.

Thekick-off meeting was presided over by Director Zhan, Director of Operation Management Department. The meeting was mainly carried out from several aspects,introducing the project agenda, project background, specific content of project implementation, leader's speech, project management system and management training, etc. In order to make it easier for everyone to understand theproject, Director Zhan gave a brief introduction to the PLM project at thekick-off meeting. The PLM project is based on the company's current development status, and proposed the whole process data control from R&D to production.The project covers a wide range. The three business units of power supply,magnetics and vehicle are advancing at the same time; there are many departments involved, including R&D, marketing, biotechnology, supply chain,quality, finance, automation, and IT. The core goal of the project is to buildthe company's core competitiveness in product development and manufacturing efficiency and cost control by focusing on target market segments, promoting product development and process standardization. The key control points of the project are standardization, product design, product technology, project management, model and equipment management, R&D team and performance,system management, documents and drawings, etc. The advancement of informatization projects, from the level of system application and business planning, has evolved into a management change brought about by combing thecompany's strategy.

Group General Manager Ju said: In order to better advance the project, our cadres need to lead by example, participate inmajor process discussions, optimize processes, sort out processes, request process optimization, and request data usage and key nodes. Opportunities andrisks coexist in the process of project advancement. When encountering risks,we need to play a team spirit, learn from each other, and avoid risks, so that the project can proceed smoothly.

Group Chairman Zhang Dong said: In modern society, the transformation from informatization to digitalization is aninevitable trend in the development of the industry. Only by taking advantage of the trend can Jingquanhua win more opportunities in the development of theindustry. The implementation of PLM projects is a must-answer question for enterprises in terms of enterprise development; for individuals, it is acatalyst to promote personal value enhancement. Jingquanhua people are serious about learning and love to learn. I believe that with the promotion of the PLM project, the company's management ability and management level can be raised to a higher level.