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IPD project

Release time:2016-09-05

To optimize the overall R&D operational infrastructure to have better control of the cross-department coordination, thereby further improve the overall research and management level and lay the foundation for the company transformation from manufacturing enterprise to innovative enterprise.

        The R&D center held the meeting solemnly initiated the IPD project on 17th Jan, 2013. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Li (Assistant General Manager) with the top management and leaders from all the departments attended. The project manager Mr. Wang delivered a speech during the meeting, and in the end, Mr. Zhang (General Manager) made the summarizing speech by emphasizing that the company attaches great importance to the project and encouraged the project team to overcome a variety of upcoming obstacles, and to work on the project wholeheartedly.

        At last, Mr. Zhang hoped that all the responsible departments can cooperate well with R&D center to finally accomplish the company mission.