Switched MBO PDU

Key Features

These metered by outlet (MBO)Rack PDU(s) feature highly accurate, outlet-level power monitoring for yourdata center power needs. MBO Rack PDU(s) are expandable and offer optionaltemperature and humidity probes. They also feature rack level power management,input power monitoring, environmental (temperature and humidity) monitoring,outlet groups and alarms.

With MBO PDUs, you can seemeasurements for load (in amps), voltage, active power, apparent power, crestfactor, power factor and power consumption (measured in W-hrs).Certain models also feature retractable fuse or breaker branch circuitprotection. With MBO technology, outlets may be linked to one or multiplegroups without loss of control of that individual outlet. SNMP trap emailalerts give you automated warnings for power and environmental conditions. MBOunits are also expandable, with the ability to add additional outlets throughthe link unit without additional IP address. The optional humidity andtemperature probes are attached to 10-foot cords that allow for measurements invarious locations within the cabinet. You can then view the values from therack PDU interface or send out trap email alerts to warn when certainthresholds have been met or exceeded.

Outlet Groups

Controluser-defined group(s) of outlets

Groupedoutlets can still be individually remotely controlled

Seeoutlet status, control state

Input Power Monitoring

Viewinput power feeds by branch/phase

Inputload and power

SNMP Traps and Thresholds

WithMBO, you can configure SNMP traps for outlets and power input feeds

Defineyour high and low loads

Configureyour traps for environmental monitoring (humidity and temperature)

More about MBO

Simple,secure, integral web interface GUI configuration tool

Temperatureand Humidity Support

Authenticationlogging, configuration changes and system events

SecureSyslog protocol support

AutomaticFirmware Updates via FTP server

Emailslog, event, authorization, power & configuration messages

StrongPassword Support and Pre-Login Banner

Abilityto Ping an IP address to see if the device is responding

Groupingof outlets across Master and Expansion PDUs

SNMP:Traps based on Status, Changes, Load, Temperature & Humidity